• Tom Mann, Sales DirectorAppellations Ltd
    “We have built the core of our business around NetSuite – it runs everything from our accounts to the website, and every week we’re discovering a new piece of functionality that we can use. It’s a tremendous product that continues to transform the way we work.”
  • Ben Argov, PresidentInternational Wine Accessories
    "The NetSuite solution allows us to work smarter and more efficiently, while at the same time providing a higher level of service to our customers."

  • Roch BraillonLe Verre Gourmand
    "FHL are extraordinary at putting themselves in our shoes and understanding where it is we want to take things."
  • Justin Bogle ACCAFinance Manager, The Wine Fusion
    “Running on NetSuite means we have secure, real time access to our core business information from anywhere in the world at any time. First Hosted provided The Wine Fusion Ltd with a simple to use, cloud-based and maintenance free system. We now focus entirely on improving our business and we do not worry about IT systems.”
  • Northwest Cellars
    "I spent 30 years in the software business prior to starting the winery. I didn't want to deal with installing and maintaining software on PCs. I spent too many years doing that. "
    "We wanted to be able to grow the business, but it was taking one full-time person to handle orders—now we can handle all the orders we get, and it's all automatic. All information is held centrally, our business processes are simplified and we've got a smooth path to near-infinite growth."

  • Geoffrey SmallingCTO,
    "The NetSuite system was up and running for our new logistics division within an incredibly short amount of time, and it helped us close a significant amount of business when we needed it most — in December, our busiest month of the year."

  • Reed RenaudinCEO, X Winery
    “NetSuite enables us to keep all of our information in one place and have easy access to it no matter where we are. It really lets us create a virtual business — and run it more efficiently.”

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