Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, FHL have extended the NetSuite business management platform with Wine Industry-specific functions to produce the perfect tool to run your business.

Wine Portfolio Management

WineSuite helps manage your wine investment.

Extensive reporting and asset management dashboards allow you to keep financial checks on your wine investments, whether they exist as assets or commodities in locations around the world.

Wine Inventory Management

En Primeur, Duty Free & Paid, Reserves, Rotations, Cellarage and In-Bond

Whether your stock is in LCB (London City Bond), has duty paid on it or exists as a reserved grape crop in Alsace, NetSuite’s accounting system is set up ready to handle your requirements.

Multiple Units of Measure

Handle Half-bottles, Jeroboams and Cases effortlessly.

First Hosted set up all the usual bottle sizes and multiples for you to sell in. Any conversions are done automatically.

Ecommerce Integration

Make your web site work for you.

Choose whether to host your web site in NetSuite, or integrate just the shopping cart to get instant updates to your stock levels, sales figures, Google Analytics and Cart Abandonment reports.

Marketing & Special Offers

Create marketing campaigns to keep customers coming back.

Send targeted email to dynamic customer groups. Include promotion codes and special offers. Automatically include un/subscribe links to comply with spamming legislation.

Sales Reporting

Be in total control of sales and view estimates.

Your personal dashboard is tailored to your job role. View key performance indicators and drill right down to transaction-level records.

Producers & Suppliers

Your producers and suppliers get their own interface.

To increase efficiency, each producer or supplier can be given access to their own area in your NetSuite account to enter invoices, or update their information.

Multi-Currency – Trade Globally

NetSuite allows you to trade internationally.

Add multiple currencies and use data from exchange rates updated daily to create transactions for sales and purchases worldwide.


Allow your business to expand.

If you are expanding globally, you may find the setup process tedious. When the time is right, NetSuite allows your business to grow with minimal effort.


Powerful accounting and taxation reports.

With a couple of mouse clicks, authorised managers can view Profit & Loss reports, VAT Return information, real-time sales figures and margins securely from anywhere in the world.

Sales Force Automation

Customise sales documents easily using workflows.

No more re-entry of data or documents emailed back and forth. NetSuite carries key information about any transaction forward through your sales cycle, from recording a lead, right through to taking card payment.

Electronic Data Interchange

NetSuite is built to accept data in many formats.

If you supply to large wine outlets, data can be imported and exported in a variety of ways. NetSuite supports EDI via web services, email and CSV integration to update records from multiple sources across the internet.

Manage Customer Relationships

A CRM is the core feature of any business system.

NetSuite helps you manage your customers’ queries quickly and effectively. Synchronise with Outlook and mobile phone SuiteApps.